The Holberg Prize School Project

Each year the Holberg Prize stage a research competition for students in the upper secondary schools in Norway.

Twelve schools and several hundred pupils from all over the country participates in the competition each year. The students are assisted by university scholars who visit the participating schools and present a brief introduction to scientific method and help the students develop their projects. The student's projects are part of the regular lessons in Norwegian, English, Law, Sociology and Anthropology, History and Religion classes. Even within these boundaries the themes of the projects still reveal some insights into what occupies the minds of today’s youth. the Holberg Prize covers all expences for the participants.

Prize for the best educational programme

In addition, the Holberg Prize School Project also awards a teacher grant of NOK 20,000 to the teacher who presents the best educational program initiated as part of the Holberg Prize School Project. The aim is to encourage teachers participating in the project to share their experiences with others.